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The Order of Christian Knights was founded in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, right here in the Skagit Valley. Home to many of the Founding Knights of the Order as well as two of the three members of the Board of Elders, the Skagit Valley continues to hold a prominent place in the governance of the Order.

Skagit Core Fellowship

The Skagit Valley is home to the Order's longest operating Core Fellowship. If you're a Christian with a passion for Faith, Fellowship, First Aid, and Firearms who wants to learn more about the Chivalrous Life and how you can more effectively serve God's Kingdom by serving the domains of Family, Church, and Community, contact us by filling out the contact form below.

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Skagit Christian

Disaster Response Network

The Skagit CDRN exists to meet the needs of the local community during major natural and man-made disasters. Local Skagit Knights help coordinate the resources each church is able to provide for the community. To find out more about the resources Skagit CDRN ministries can provide, or to partner with the Order, click HERE.

Partner churches and parachurch ministries include:

Farm and Family Missions Church

Skagit Church Safety Network

The Skagit CSN exists to improve communication around safety related issues facing churches in the Skagit Valley. We recognize that safety incidents affecting one church may affect others in the Valley. Communication and joint training is an important part of ensuring that Christians in our community can worship Christ in peace. In the early days of the Church, when persecution was the norm, some Christians were assigned the job of ostiary or porter and kept watch at the doors to alert the congregation if they were found. Church Safety Teams carry on this noble tradition, standing ready to respond whenever danger strikes.