Order of Christian Knights

Roll of Arms

The Arms of the Order of Christian Knights

Blazon: Azure, a Latin cross Gules, bordered Argent.

Crest: Three feathers Argent.

Mantle: Azure and Or, Gules and Argent.

Supporters: Dexter, a lion Or, Sinister a lamb Argent.

Motto: Deus Ante Omnia

Battle Flag of the Order

The Arms of the Board of Elders

Owner: Pastor Gregory Hall

Owner: Pastor Bert Arnold

Owner: Pastor Timothy Moore

The Arms of the Grandmaster of the Order

Owner: Sir Anthony Shanander

Blazon: Party per bend Purpure and Azure, over a bend Sable fimbriated a sword bendwise, in sinister chief a Passion cross, all Argent.

Crest: Three feathers, Azure, Argent, and Purpure.

Mantle: Purpure and Argent, Azure and Argent.

Motto: Deus Ante Omnia

The Arms of the Council of Masters

The Arms of the Master Treasurer

Owner: Sir Elijah Reyes

The Arms of the Master Secretary

Owner: Sir Matthew Stixrud

The Arms of the Master Chaplain

Owner: Sir Alfred Del Vecchio

The Arms of the Master Marshal

Owner: Sir Mark Jones