Order of Christian Knights

Operation Red Heart

Operation Red Heart was the Order of Christian Knights' first foreign Expeditionary Mission. The Team was sent to Poland to conduct ministerial and humanitarian aid work on behalf of refugees of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
By the will of God and by order of the Board of Elders, Sir Anthony Shanander, Grandmaster of the Order of Christian Knights, led the Order's first foreign Expeditionary Team to Krakow, Poland.
The team consisted of 5 additional members of the Order: Sir Mark Jones, Operation Red Heart's Field Marshal, Sir Elijah Reyes, Master Treasurer of the Order, Fellow Duane Smith, and Lady Mahea Reyes. While in Europe, the team worked with Church New Hope in Krakow, Slavic Missions in Europe, and numerous other non-government, non-profit organizations.
One such group, called the UA Ants, has played a critical role in meeting needs throughout Ukraine. Click here, or on the photo below, to go to their website to learn more.