Order of Christian Knights

Operation Blue Heart

Operation Blue Heart was the Order of Christian Knights' second official foreign Expeditionary Mission. We sent two teams to Central and Eastern Europe to conduct ministerial and humanitarian aid work on behalf of the innocent lives affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
By the will of God and by order of the Council of Masters and the Board of Elders, Dame Logan Edwards, Marshal of the Southeast Regional Commandery, led the Order's second foreign Expeditionary Mission to Europe.
Operation Blue Heart consisted of two distinct teams, Blue Team and White Team, which split up when they arrived in Europe to conduct simultaneous operations in Ukraine and in Poland respectively. Blue Team consisted of Dame Logan Edwards, Specialist Vasiliy Shantalov, and Lady Savannah Sears. Blue Team traveled throughout Ukraine with the UA Ants supporting local church events during Holy Week, delivering desperately needed food and medical supplies, and encouraging those who have been affected by the horrors of the war.
White Team consisted of Sir Elijah Reyes and Specialist Nehemias Constanza, who spent time serving at the Elim Christian Center in Lwowek Slaski, PL, where they helped remodel guest lodging to be used as refugee housing.